Face-to-face negotiation can offer better results than technology assisted negotiation, primarily because when in the presence of others we can better understand nonverbal behaviors. Three nonverbal cues to be aware of while in the negotiation process are mimicry, matching verbal and nonverbal cues, and mircoexpressions. When mimicry of gestures, movement and posture occurs it is often a sign that there is a rapport between the individuals. When negotiating, this is likely a sign that things are going well. Conversely, when a persons facial expressions and /or gestures do not correlate with their spoken words, it may be a sign that deception in a factor. Liars are known for forgetting the subtle nonverbal cues that accompany messages. Deception may also be evident through microexpressions such as blushing, grimacing, or blinking. Microexpressions are subtle cues that come out when negotiators are feeling one thing but trying to present another face.

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